Devas were those people—mostly human—who were present at the defeat of the goddess Srasama. The divine energy released by her death granted them a sliver of immortality, and now whenever they die they reincarnate into a fully-grown adult form, reappearing within a few days somewhere generally three miles from where they died.

A reincarnated deva has vague recollections of her previous life, and often will easily connect with the people and places of her former life if given the chance. But she might just as easily find herself adopting a new life and training in new skills. Even then, though, sometimes she will have flashes of one of her former lives.

Physically, devas resemble their original race, but with unearthly beauty and an uncanny stillness. Their skin is covered in geometric patterns of light and dark. Some of noteworthy power will occasion- ally manifest insubstantial and wholly decorative wings or extra pairs of arms, though they can conceal these with practice and concentration.

It is rumored that some deva sages have discovered the secret of maintaining their memories and personality upon reincarnation, but that they hide the knowledge since few are worthy of such immortality. Magic to raise the dead is rare, but if used on a deva within a few days of her death it can restore her and prevent reincarnation.

Use Aasimar rules as per DMG.


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